Astri talks about dream

i don’t know why
i don’t know why this feeling up and down almost every day
of course that you have big wishes your dream will come true
but why, oftentimes it is just imagined in your heart
and you never do maximally for your hope
i mean you did your work, but you forgot to left the result to God
Untill you feel suffer, anxious

You must brave, ikhtiar and tawakal.
this my hope in 2010 :
1. Closely with Allah Subbhanahuwata’alla with plus + prayer
2. OSN (sains olympiad of economic)
3. consentrate and focus in english especially in listening, speaking, writting, reading, vocabularies.
4. Research AND LOST for OPSI 2010
5. Being First Grade

that’s my hope, and off course enter Management or Comunication faculy at Indonesian University (UI) is my bigest hope. hopefully my dream will cometrue. Yeah! (LOL)

RENEW YOUR SPIRITS. Give all to Allah, after you tried totally


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