astri talks about love


it heard so great when we are talking about
love, especially between love voyage woman and men, who really seriously
in my life love was not new
i have some experience about that, through it by myself and think about that
Nowdy there is man appealing my attention
i know him before, we aren’t new friends
he known as the leader, he has great humanities personality, and i considered
but, sadness experienced longtime happended fell at me makes me cannot believe in love man
though i make “salting” every meet him,
my heart still says : “No, you cannot believe again, it can only hurt you”

So, sure i cannot really realize this feeling
he, the man before him i loved him so much
almost in my prayers i praying for our destination
for our love when we 24 years old tomorrow
but he was annoyed me, he uncosider that i love him much after i tried made him love me, i considered that it can only wasted the time and i must forget him forever

so on, what i’m feeling now itsn’t first for me i have swear at myself i will never hurt my heart only for man


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