Last moment in 2010 :
Thank God for live experienced you gave for me. Thanks have sent people loved me, and cared for me. Grateful, because this year I got a chance to participate in Nasional event. Although I can’t be win out. I know, I’m still not haven’t really grateful for you yet. Exactly, someday I keep away from you.. I’m late in pray. My plan for tahajud still in a discourse. This year, I lost my handphone. I lost contact with somebody else. Include, him. I was really sad when he got trouble with his hygiene. I feel longing now, every deliberateness I remember him. Oh you… one intelegance, it seems you can’t forget hers. You smile, when they made a joke between you and hers. And.. I think, I must evolve my struggle in study. it seems I am bloomer, if I waste time much more. I wished I had been a master in my subject. But whats’ up now? oh, my tryout outcome shown not best. Holiday is three days left. Have you ready??

Breaking dawn,
it seem s useless for everybody aprehehends late. Not ready, you must prepare. Not confidence, you must practice. Not knowing, you must reading. What should you do, surely you know. But, in practical… now.
2011 : I hope this my year again. Being friendly person with many friends I have. Making friends anywhere, everywhere. In January, lated February, I know, my result in UI. Hope this the best result. March 27, this UM UGM. I hope, if UI pushed me, I ca ready join this test. Ready totally to do test maximally. Get placed in Manajemen, FE UGM. April 4-9, National Exams. Ready with six subject. So, my school grades is high. Mei, a School exams. Ready in practical and teory. June, part time working in my father’s company. being his accountant, his staff managers. I really wanna try working. Still in June, i joined English course, in cogitating take daily practice English, it seems like dorminitory or take a toefl preparation. July, having long dress for promnnight. Purple, or pink-cream colour on it’s. Jully registered in State well know University. Win out National Competition. August-December, being smart university student, take part in International Enterprise Competition. THIS WILL BE!


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