PART 0NE –> aplication letter (Files selection)

well, actually i’m in hesitate, afraid that her will be more than me. But i think, we must remind that itsn’t about what it is a competition or what. but it is about what actually inner beauty (so how to call inner beauty for men?) in our lives.

Yeah, as like she said in magazine i read before.

So, i will join a test to get a special holiday in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. it will be held on 5-9 Juli 2011, sure if i becaming a part of them. For looking arround 20 students that will be departed from JISEC (Jogja International Student Exchange) corpoorate with CIS we must apply an aplication formulir by softcopy to their email. Previously, we send 50 thousand rupiah by BCA tansfer bank. Yeah, i really appreciate, because if i gather with them in 20 students choosen, it will be my first experience abroad.

Really, i wanna bring my mission about intelectual studies i like, economic, education, and new human resources that still in renewal. i hope, i could be a part of them, and get a part in social mission for Indonesian renewal.

these days, i will fulfill a blank in form they want. i will fulfill best, i believe

Love 🙂


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